“We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right.”

Martin Luther King Jr. 


Beautiful words spoken by such a compassionate and empathetic man. Words we live by at Elite Eldercare NoVa™! Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 87 years old today, and we’re confident that his family would have formed his golden years into something wonderful! Martin Luther King Jr. was the chief spokesman for non violent activism in the Civil Rights Movement. He provided all walks of humanity with hope of acquiring all the basic necessities of life. We at Elite Eldercare NoVa™ believe your loved one deserves just that, with additional Love, Compassion, and Dignity! Such a glorious country we live in to have such an option!

I believe Martin Luther King Jr.’s messages could be used by caregivers in everyday life.

Being Self-Denying, Attentive, and Devoted to our clients have always been the key to our success! Caregivers are special in every way, shape and form! They contribute to the client’s Peace of Mind, Healing, and Will to Thrive! 

Tremendous thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. and Caregivers for their Inspirational & Compassionate work!

Your Care Coordinator,

Elisa Denise Kourouma



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